All members of the 126th Maine Senate have been elected to serve a two-year term. Of the 35 members, there are 19 Democrats, 15 Republicans, and 1 Unenrolled. Seven are women (7 Democrats) and 28 are men (12 Democrats; 15 Republicans, 1 Unenrolled). There are 17 new members; 22 have served in the House of Representatives, 21 are former Senate members, and 5 have no previous legislative experience. Eighteen members are incumbents.  The combined legislative experience of the 126th Senate totals 223 years.

Senator Edward Mazurek of Knox has the distinction of being the senior member of the Senate, while Senator Garrett P. Mason of Androscoggin is the junior member this session. Senator John Tuttle has the longest overall Senate service, his 1st term beginning in the 109th (1979), he now begins his Third term in the Senate. He is also the Senator with the longest overall legislative service, beginning his 14th term with the Legislature.

Only one member, Senator Roger Sherman (R-Aroostook) will be unable to run for the Maine Senate in 2014 due to term limits.

Where can I look up the History of the Maine State Senate?

Chamber Decorum- Where can I find the Code of Conduct?

Coming Soon: Past Presidents of the Maine State Senate

Coming Soon: Offices, Staff


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