Maine Senate Code of Conduct

Legislative Code of Ethics
Adopted by the 100th Legislature

  • Any public office holder is charged with responsible conduct commensurate with the trust placed in him/her by the electorate.
  • In a free government the official is entrusted with the security, safety, health, prosperity, and general well-being of those whom he/she serves.
  • With such a trust high moral and ethical standards producing the public’s confidence, with the reduction to a minimum of any conflict between private interests and official duties, should be observed.
  • No state legislator will accept any employment which can possibly impair his/her independence and integrity of judgement or will he/she exercise his/her position of trust to secure unwarranted privileges for themselves or for others.
  • The Maine legislator will be ever mindful of the ordinary citizen who might otherwise be unrepresented, and will endeavor conscientiously to pursue the highest standards of legislative conduct.

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